Lash Lift Silicone Shields


At BBS we use the flat silicone pads as this lays the lashes down, exactly how we want them to be lifted, in a straight, upright direction.

BBS Silicone Shields are flexible and form-fitting, taking the shape of your eyelid to create a perfect fit for the natural curve of your lashes.

Choose between 5 sizes with our extended range of shields.

BBS's range of shields allows you to customise each lash lift according to your client's desired look. You now have the choice between L and C styled curls, giving you and your clients more variety and ability to further customize each client's results based on their preference and their lash/eye shape.

The smaller the bump, the higher the lift. The larger bump gives more curvature but less lift. Each pair is reusable after sterilising.

These shields are silicone and can be reused as many times as you like.
Be sure to disinfect your shields before reusing them.

This pack includes 5 different sized shields. (10pc in total)


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